100 small paintings in 3 days

How to find the creativity and get out of the usual comfortable zone and explore new and unknown in art making?

Well this is not my idea at all, it is just a challenge I did try out, and my experience with it. Let’s start at the beginning. The main idea is to make 100 small paintings in 3 days.

No need to get any more instructions except that well because it’s a lot of images that you need to do, don’t use papers bigger than A5, and for better results, use different kind of papers, because then you will really be on that curve of learning and you will get better results, and more variety is always better here. The only advice really is, you need to do them in three days, and it’s good if you spend from 5 to 10 minutes on a piece, no more than that….so now you know what you will get…Not really much, because that is not a lot of time.

In case you don’t like how something bleeds or something, it’s just a piece of A5 paper….so no problem at all.
First like usually in art is, you could always cover it up latter in next layer, and even if you just discover that you really don’t like something it’s still better advice now that you did try it out than if you will get in store and ask how to work with something.
With this challenge the task is to learn, to experiment, and to loose control, to be more free for the next big painting you have in work. So maybe the main point of all this is to not worry at all. This project will be a success and inspiration for latter work just if you will finish it.

Now if you did grab your stash of materials, and you did played and you have 100 pieces, congratulate…it’s huge.
It don’t even seam like something hard to do, it even feels like fun, but well to me the fun was just for a while when I did have start a few pieces, after that it’s like you get a look into your empty head, because well this feels like there is nothing more to do….and of course it is…but hey, I didn’t want to ruin the marker pens with charcoal powder or water, and most of the paintings was done wet on wet, so not really much layering at all.

At the end I could say, this was just a short start, my head is totally empty, I don’t even know if I want to do it again, or if I will use any pieces again. But I did learn a few things, even if I didn’t ruin good pens, and I didn’t played with layering and I didn’t use oils….

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I did get a lot of ideas how to use this exercise pieces….so here is a few of them:

  • I will make a sketchbook, (sewn into a piece of fabric for the covers), and I will use it latter for trying new materials on top of the first layer
  • I like quotes, and this could be cool quotes library
  • there is an option to see the small *liked pieces* and recreate that in other art pieces
  • and one crazy idea I was thinking this is cool project for creating art decks or something like that
  • and last think I did learn, I like to start the under painting when everything is messy and smeared and when your hands are covered with paint….but this is just the start of my process that I enjoy doing it….like a part of my voice as an artist…

At the end I need to say thanks to Elli Milan for introduction to this project…and yea even if you finish with an empty head it feels, it’s so worth it, like it’s a super fast learning, and the best part learning on your experiences….there is nothing better than this. I definitely will do it again, even if right now don’t really like it. Did I say, the end result is not important at all. Well one big think I did learn here is I really do love the graphic techniques and I miss that. Don’t really know if I will be able to introduce this into my work, but it would be crazy good to take time, probably a little bit more than just three days and do this again, with graphic tools, inks…..explore the techniques there.