Why It’s So Fun To See The Artwork In The Space?

Why It’s So Fun To See The Artwork In The Space?

Maybe a title should be why it’s so hard to choose the right artwork for me?

Why? The simple answer is, because you just need to see it in your home, in your office or wherever it will be placed. Because we all like to see the whole picture.
Well, we all like to see the whole picture about anything, right? So why not to see the whole picture about our new artwork purchase. You want it, you desire it, and sometimes let be hones if you will see the art placed in beautiful surrounding that you will droll over that photo, well yea, the purchase desire is just turned on.
The imagination just go to the walk and there is a desire, you just need that beautiful piece of art. It just need to be yours.

Or there is something else, the artwork itself is so fab and amazing, it have perfect expression, it is deep, the meaning we see it it’s deep, it’s our story, we as collectors see ourselves in it. It just need to be ours. We don’t really need it, maybe, we just desire it.
Do you imagine out of millions artist you did found the one that speaks to you!
How amazing is that? You connect with her/him, you start to following her/his new work or at least you follow her/him on Social Platforms. But you know deep into your guts, that persons work, that’s what you are looking for. You don’t care about the space or how the artwork is presented, you just want the piece. It will be your pride and joy for many years. That’s love.

But wait, wait, wait, out of topic, right? Back to the story why it’s so dam fun to just see the Artwork in The space?

Artwork in an Ambient

Because details matter, because the surrounding does have it’s story too.

Yes, it’s true you could buy the perfect piece that will match your sofa, but you could also buy the perfect piece that will match your soul.
Over time the sofa will get a new cushions or something or you will get new plants or whatever, but that artwork that match your soul, that’s the piece that is just design for you, just perfect as it is.

But wait, back to the story, humans are visual creatures, we feel what we see, and if we feel good about it, then our desires are pumped up, so yes seeing beautiful picture in beautiful space is dreamy, true, but it is also a tool how we could connect with the piece. It’s visual storytelling. We artist are storytellers in our creations, but we are storytellers in real life too. The awkward thing is just sometimes we don’t have words to tell the story, or our language is so strange and we are not successful with words or we are so introverts that we would prefer to hide than to show the work.

So is it important why it’s fun to see the pictures in the space? Absolutely not, it is just fun, and it’s cool how viewers could connect with the work much easier that just seeing the picture on white wall of the gallery or white screen. The problem is, looking pictures on the screens it’s much harder to feel the piece. The size, texture and emotional connection. Yes it’s much easier to feel those feelings in real life seeing the painting one to one, but sometimes something like that is just not possible. The think is we-artist are trying our best to present the piece of art at it’s best, after all it’s our work.


Small secret, sometimes we could present an artwork even when it’s not totally finished!

  • like it don’t have all the data at the back
  • it don’t have our signature yet
  • or it even is not stretched on stretcher bars….
  • but it’s available and because we want to move forward to the next piece we present the fresh just drying piece in all it’s glory, so that you could enjoy in it. Remember, we are not just painters, we are storytellers to our collectors, and most of all we are storytellers to ourselves. We love to see the visuals.
  • the worst, sometimes we could even fake the reality….like in my mockups, when I did use the section of the painting and place it into the space as a real thing
  • well let me show you the real thing too.
Abstract original mixed media canvas
Chase The Love