About me

Who I am

Welcome to my art world, to my studio. My name is Lidija Miklavcic and I live with two kids and a cat in amazing small country Slovenia near the capital city Ljubljana. I say that I’m Contemporary Expressionistic Abstract Artist….but basically it mean I like to explore and experiment in art creating.
I’m totally fascinated how much the work could change and how much I could learn from it. Learning is a big part of our life’s and I really like the journey of it….

I like to bring peoples joy with my bailiffs that we are all unique powerful and we could makes our days as beautiful and happy as we could imagine possible. Like Picasso did say if you could imagine, then it is real.


What inspire my artwork

I’m inspired with peoples passion, that’s like a fuel of life, it’s powerful, attracted, sexy …. it’s the main thing of life.
I seek people who live their passionate life and I try to learn as much as I can from them. They are huge motivation factor.
The second powerful thing is the paying itself, with tools with colors with other crafty stuff. It’s like if you see joy in something, you should do more  of that, that is what make us alive.


My vision

I would like to learn more, share more, have better art classes and to see my artworks in cooperation with some other brands. In the past I did work also as surface pattern designer and I did love that job, I would like to connect with somebody who will be interested in art licensing with me.
It really is the best feel on the world when my art somebody makes happier and bring joy and inspiration for a new day. That is super cool.

Let's collaborate ...
Let's make this world beautiful and happy place ... full of joy ...

*Get in touch if you are interested to bring my art skills into combination of something new, like wallpapers, or a fabric line, or…
like Picasso would say,
the imagination is endless….


Let's Stay in Touch

…  so you could get fresh updates what’s new in the studio, and maybe some new ideas …