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Abstract Contemporary Art

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I admire the passion in people and I’m seeking the passion in painting, to be expressive and authentic in art creating.
I would like to bring a good quality original art into your home to inspire you with color, texture, mood, emotion, to bring you joy, happiness and to create a personal connection.
Let’s explore together and make a world beautiful and colorful.

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Let’s collaborate  …. my passion and background is in surface pattern design, or if you are interesting in art licensing….

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Available art * fabric * products * Pattern design

Lot’s of original artworks to chose for your favorite space, home or office … fabric and such

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Let's create a space you will love and will add a value to your home ...

*Home is where the hart and soul are, and to feel really good about it, it need to reflect us, so that even our friends could enjoy our spaces….

Everything you could Imagine is real

Pablo Picasso Painter

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Ela Denac Miklavcic my kid

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    Love, Mik.


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    100 small paintings in 3 days

    Crazy good idea how to get out of the blockade and found the creativity again. It’s also good project to do at least once a year, because it gives your creativity wings.

    Studio process video presentation

    https://youtu.be/P36AnPWQsNI … we all agree that the picture say thousand words…. I think it’ s so true for seeing what’s going on in the studio – my mini world. Let

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