Original Mixed Media
Acrylic on canvas
The sides of the canvas are the part of the painting (painted).
Size 37 x 37 x 1 cm
Price 227 €

OPTION 2: PS if you like I could send you the painting also unstarched in a role, just send me an email for that option or really ask me anything about it….
Please allow me a week to prepare the painting for shipping. Thanks.

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I was interested in exploring the mark making, feel the emotion thru the color, this time just black and white, and the soft scrappy details of the texture – surface, I was looking the expression of the surface. I really love working with pallet knife because it’s so free and it’s so strong and soft at the same time.
I want to found the way to create the interest in really limited color pallet.

This painting is inspired by old collection of detail door photos where there is so amazing feel of the paint details that was created over time, and it give the soul to the entrance doors. I love that.
Contrast is the big thing in my work, and I like the feel of interest and wonders. I’m fascinated between the opposites the strong contrast and the softness of the detail. 

PS if you are not totally sure about the purchase, let me send your room photo, and I will make you an Interior Mock-up with my artwork, something like this.
Are you in? Send me an email….